About 2POINT

There are products you will have to purchase overhand over and over again while there are also products that lost a life time. A made of differentiating brand is the quality of the product itself. When hand – crafted from high quality materials , you will enjoy it much longer, that’s why highest possible quality is the standard for 2 point products quality that stretches through the whole rang – from files to scissors to all accessories. First class accessories tools & manicure.

2 point offers a wide range of high quality manicure instruments, sapphire nail files and professional file like everything from 2 point. Whoever looks after his hands should also do the same to his feet. We are thinking about beautiful environment at the future.

We specialize in producing nail buffers , quick shiners, buffers , foot files , eyelashes , and beauty accessories. We offer the most complete variety of eyelash for all occasions. Many years of research and developing, now we are bring outstanding brand and excellent quality products. Therefore 2point korea is becoming one of leading company in cosmetic industry in the world. 2 point korea thinks all of honor is coming our customers from the around world so we will try our best price and the best products.